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[ESC] - Quit Game

W, A, S, D - Move

((( in scene 5 & 7 the mouse pointer icons are invisible, idk why, but you just have to click. and also the damn credits overlay doesn't appear grrrrrr i'm losing it and i'm giving up; the non-binary urge to hide in the woods again and just write stuff without having to rely on some damn code to work :///// )))

using via freesound.org: Tone Drone by thatjeffcarter and Drone 14 by LG

* * *

one day i woke up at night and immediately had to google the strange term wurmkitschitsch, i guess it accured to me in a dream. i still don't know wtf it means, but if you google it now, you will get one result at least...

(it also sounds like an itch.io-account! maybe someday i'm gonna accidentally create a second account wurmkitsch.itch.io on which itch i'm gonna publish similiar and dreams-related games/experiences in the future... oh, i guess i already did! o.O :))) )


unfortunately i wasn't able to recreate my dreams exactly, but at least this is a convergence towards them, made within 11 days during january 2022 for the LSDJAM 2021. i learned how to implement a level selection (actually no i didn't lol, but i wanted to when writing this text!) and clickable 3d-objects during development. also my first time working with mixamo and makehuman.

this is my last game jam participation for now, as i want to return to my own list of ideas and focus more on long-term games and projects that are more polished & not rushed like this one!


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WURMKITSCHITSCH. a dreams anthology_V1.1_Linux.zip 345 MB

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