A downloadable space burial for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - switch between the cameras

space - deactivate gravity in this room/section

i just slapped lots of assets from the unity asset store together and yeah.

i took the main part of the title from this article by the NASA,

* * *

so there was this game jam about two weeks ago, the zero hour game jam 2021. i wanted to participate but i also was very tired. so i had like 10 minutes left and just started this idea that i had for the theme "gravity". i barely even finished it and it needed more time than one hour lol... so overall this took about 16 hours during 3 days to make. a lot of time for a really really short thing? idk, enjoy.

for me the interesting parts about developing this project were iterating on objects and non-games, the different static camera perspectives, the little tutorial (and kinda the whole game) without words and the glitch effects during the final part. a similar random/"broken" camera effect occured during production of COMPLEX FEELINGS, but this time i didn't remove it, i embraced it, i really liked and like the aesthetics the random rotations provide and the resulting uniqueness of every playthrough.

* * *


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The Physical Behavior of Objects when Gravity is Missing_Win.zip 181 MB
The Physical Behavior of Objects when Gravity is Missing_Mac.app.zip 189 MB
The Physical Behavior of Objects when Gravity is Missing_Linux.zip 197 MB

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